Here is our set up for our 2 x 20 litre water container system for cooking, drinking and cleaning up. We have one container secured and linked by hose mirrored on the other side of the vehicle.

We do have another set up in production for our shower and excess water. This will supply an extra 40-50 litres. We will make use of our air compressor to pressurise the water vessel.

For our drinking, cooking and cleaning we could have secured the water container to the roof, out of the way however we decided this would be a pain in the butt to access and the water would be hot as exposed to the sun all day.

We needed to secure it somehow within the canopy without interfering with the functionality of our ARB drawers system. We also wanted accessing water to be as easy as possible. This meant trying to avoid lifting the container in and out of the canopy every time we needed water. It also had to be secured so that it was not rolling aroung the canopy.

We went shopping in Mitre 10 with a rough idea of the bits an peices we would need. The more we looked the more ides we came up with. We ended up walking out with hose clamps, irrigation connections, hose joiners, water hose, mounting brackets, screws and a plan. We also needed some metal strapping and rubber non slip matting (which we already had at home).

Here is what we ended up with very functional, secure, hidden hose line, gravity fed, easy access to water and 20ltr of water on tap!

There is enough room on the modular drawer for another 20lt container to be mounted if required later. This mount does not interfere with the slide out drawer system as is part of the fixed floor area over the wheel arch. The tinted window also provides a more protected temperature as prtoected from full sun exposure.

The hose is hidden under the rear void of the drawer cavity where the wheel arch is, and also run through the front cavity to the tail gate, where our air compressor tank is mounted. There is still plenty of room in this void for our safety equipment to be stored out of the way. (we forgot the paint the bracket black-will do that one day)

We secured the water containers to the side canopy rail with gal roof strapping and 4 screws. We lined between the gal strapping and the water container with non slip rubber mat just to protect the container from rubbing.

As you can see below the hose is held securely in place with a small bracket drilled into the end plate. You will also see here the air compressor hose connection to the bottom right. Both in a very accessible location quick and easy use.

We hope this gives you some ideas for your own set up.

Keep an eye out for our post showing how and where to mount our 40-50ltr water vessel. You will NOT be expecting where it fits!