WELCOME fellow adventurers!

We are Russ and Inga, full time travellers road tripping and exploring our AMAZING back yard AUSTRALIA.

What we do, is what we love to do, it’s that simple!  We have no timeframe, just an unwritten journey with unlimited possibilities. We don't plan too far ahead, we feel privileged to be fit healthy with a zest for life, love, fun and laughter and of course a sense of adventure.  We love being off grid and we also like to experience cities, rural towns and quirky places. We love meeting fellow travelers and interesting characters and learning all about each of the regions visit.

Initially when we set off for an EPIC adventure back in March 2021, we had a time frame of just five months. It really wasn’t long into our roadtrip before we decided to make living life on the road our new full time lifestyle. We have never looked back and have no plans to stop any time soon. In fact we just couldn't imagine returning to our former lifestyle.

We travel in our Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 with a roof top tent set up. We absolutely love this simplistic lifestyle. We have the freedom to travel wherever we want, when we want. We travel spontaneously, rarely knowing where we are heading to the next day, and very often find ourselves detouring off the well beaten track down narrow dirt roads to who knows where.

We love sharing our experiences and showcasing all things Australia with anyone who wants to follow our journey, and we are honoured and grateful to have a wonderful following of loyal, engaged and interested people who we thoroughly enjoy interacting with, many of whom we feel we now know as friends. If we can inspire people to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of our amazing country too, it makes us feel super honoured and proud to be doing what we do!

It really is surprising how little you need to take with you to live a fullfillung, safe, adventure filled life on the road. We are not materialistic, and with such limited space we ensure that what we do carry on board with us is selected for a purpose, is good quality gear, and suits our lifestyle perfectly. We are always open to learning new ways to do things and try new products that may be more effective or useful to our requirements. When we do find something good we love to share it.

We love to go hiking and in Australia we are spoilt for choice, with hiking trails suitable for a whole range of abilities, age groups and mobility. We are huge nature lovers and a day out hiking is like natures therapy! Not that we need any by the way, well not yet anyway!

It doesn’t take much to get us excited when it comes to the beauty of the natural environment. I (Inga) go nuts when I discover a new and unusual fungi, or visit a botanic garden. It doesn’t haven’t to be a big adventure to enjoy it, the main aim to just get out and yourself in nature and ENJOY.

We both love discovering unusual geologic formations, exploring our stunning and diverse national parks, waterfalls, lakes, our stunning Aussie beaches and coastline. We absolutely love the red dirt country of the outback, and love the crispness of the alpine country. It is always special to see native plants and animals in their natural habitat, and learning about aboriginal culture, always respecting sacred sites when we visit.

We are always excited by wildlife encounters, particularly when it is a species we have never seen before. We’ve seen everything from crocodiles to thorny devils, sea turtles, tree kangaroos, wild donkeys, rare native birds, buffaloe and so much more.

We initially didn’t take our mountain bikes with us however when we passed by our home town earlier in 2022 we decided to grab our bikes. This has proven to be a great decision as it now enables us to explore points of interest where our ute can’t go, particularly on the extensive networks of bike/walking tracks in urban areas, and our favourite place to ride, along the beaches!

Although we can’t afford to participate in tours all around the country and visit places with entry fees, we feel that by sharing the natural environment and the activities people can do in each region, that we are making a valuable contribution to the communities in our own way.

We are also registered House Sitters! Living life on the road as full time travelers offers so many different opportunities and House sitting is one of them.

We really enjoy spending time with all sorts of pets. It is a really fun and rewarding way to spend quality time in an area and feel at home at the same time. Each home we house sit becomes our home away from home and we look after all aspects of it the way we would want our own property treated. It is such a privilege and we are always honoured to be entrusted with the care of others pets and property.

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We would also LOVE to hear from YOU, so we can learn from your experiences. So don't be afraid to drop us a line, comment on our social media posts or if you see us out on the road or at camp make sure you come and say hi!