We christened our Weber Bay Q with a mouth watering BBQ Christmas lunch!

To our surprise our Christmas Chook was cooked to perfection - no skill required for it to turn out perfect! - tasy, super succulent with a smoky BBQ rub flavouring the meat.

Such a fool proof method of cooking a chook!

Just Pre-heat the Weber Baby Q on high for 10 minutes, then turn it down to the roast setting. Simply pop the chook on top of the trivet and convection tray  (purchased seperately in the accessories pack) and cook with the lid down for an 1h 15m minutes and voila!

We threw a few cobs of corn on the grill plate for 10 minutes while the chook was resting. Yummo.....crispy, juicy and tasty!

Just note that conditions such as wind, ambient temperature and temperature of the meat when you start cooking may affect the cooking time. We had a stunning summers day with no wind which was perfect for barbequing.

If you have any favourite recipes for us to try feel free to email them to us to try and share with everyone!

We have now had quite a few more delicious bbqs with our Weber since we first wrote. Every meal has been amazing!

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