This piece of equipment from @kickassproducts is an absolute game changer for us.

Having a rooftop tent set up meant when our batteries got low on power we previously had to pack up our gear and drive to recharge our 2 x 120amp AGM batteries, especially on cloudy days when our solar setup just didn’t cut it!

Now all we need is a power point and our AWESOME KickAss 8-stage automatic Battery Charger and we can stay setup for as long as we want without packing up all of our gear to drive and recharge!
This also saves us heaps in fuel and gives us much more time to enjoy our stays along the way on our road tripping adventures.

It’s so easy to set up and use, either use the alligator clips supplied with the unit and attach direct to the backup battery or set yourself up with a permanent Anderson plug for extra ease of use, then just turn on the unit, select your battery type and away it goes!
Super easy to monitor the charge on the display unit so you know exactly where things are at.

This 8 stage charger is suitable for most battery types including WET, Calcium, Maintenance Free, AGM and GEL batteries.

NOTE: not suitable for Lithium batteries
For further specifications on this awesome unit or to see other great KickAss products checkout their website.

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KickAss 12V 20a Smart Battery Charger, 8 Stage Automatic Charging
KickAss Smart Automatic Battery Charger, suits Lead Acid, AGM, Calcium and Gel Batteries. Ensure the longest life and best performance from your Deep Cycle Battery.

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