Colourful, Quirky, Quiet and located close to Airlie Beach and the getaway islands of the Whitsundays. Welcome to BIG4 Conway Beach Tourist Park - Whitsundays.

Here you will find a range of cabins to suit everyone, all with their own original bright and cheery colour scheme! This will be sure to add a fun happy summertime vibe to your holiday stay at the park!

BIG4 Conway Beach Tourist Park - Whitsundays

George's Diner is another very cool, quirky feature of this Holiday Park. Decked out with a 1950’s style theme it’s certainly a bit of fun….. Open 9am -3pm everyday with Pizza nights every Saturday night 6pm.

Conway beach is just a few minutes walk away from the holiday park, while the mouth of the Proserpine River is just at the end of the beach. At low tide you can walk right around to the Proserpine river mouth….. but beware this is croc country!

Conway beach and Proserpine River mouth
Conway Beach

Conway Beach and Wilsons Beach are small communities near the mouth of the Proserpine River. We loved exploring the tidal flats along the beaches. At low tide the water recedes a great distance as you can see in the photos.

Different varieties of crabs and birds inhabit the area as do saltwater crocodiles. Although we didn’t come across any crocodiles, we did keep an eye out for them when we were near the River mouth area.

Did you know the Proserpine River has the highest density of saltwater crocodiles of any river in QLD with a study finding 5.5 crocodiles per kilometre?

The enclosed swimming area on Wilsons Beach has seen better days after unfortunately being damaged in a cyclone. To be honest, even if it wasn't destroyed by the cyclone we dont think we would have been brave enough to swim in it anyway.

Wilsons Beach and the damaged swimming enclosure

Located just 16km from BIG4 Conway Beach Tourist Park - Whitsundays is a spectacular waterfall.

Cedar Creek Falls…. There is a fantastic swimming hole at the base of the waterfall. Climbing to the top of the falls will reward you with further views and other water holes to discover.

Cedar Creek Falls

Just be mindful that when in this region you must be croc aware and swim in designated areas only.

What a fun, quirky and beautiful place!