We travelled to Carnarvon Gorge from Emerald, and what a great drive it was.... with such picturesque country landscapes along the way.

We passed by Minerva Hills National Park near Springsure which is one of many areas we have earmarked to return to for a closer look.

As we got nearer to Carnarvon, after Rolleston, we turned onto the back road between the Serocold State Forest and Carnarvon National Park rather than taking the highway. Such a scenic little stretch of road with plenty to see.

The back road between Carnavon National Park and Serocold State Forest - Rewan Road

We spotted numerous emus and bustards along the way and some friendly photogenic cows grazing away on the farmland. What a scenic backdrop they have in their paddock! There were also paddocks of fodder trees that we hadn’t seen anywhere else we have been, but we forget the name of them. (We ran into a local farming couple in one of the gorges who told us about the benefits of the trees for their stock).

A really enjoyable drive!

Once we arrived and settled into our campsite we took a wander around the Holiday Park. If you love your Aussie wildlife encounters then the BIG4 Breeze Holiday Park – Carnarvon Gorge is the place to stay for you!

It was amazing to see the abundant wildlife here…. the platypus, echidna, kangaroos, turtles and birdlife that call this place home and allowed us into their stunning habitat for a very memorable visit.

BIG4 Breeze Carnarvon is a mecca for wildlife 

That’s just part of the attraction of staying at BIG4 Breeze Holiday Park when you visit Carnarvon Gorge!….

Then there are the beautiful views from the nearby lookouts which overlook the escarpment of the gorge, the stunning hiking trails located at Carnarvon Gorge National Park (located just a few kilometres up the road from the Holiday Park), the campground facilities, the great staff, the Macrozamia Grove (cycad) and of course meeting fellow nature loving travellers enjoying their stay.

Scenic views of the Carnarvon Gorge Escarpment
BIG4 Breeze Holiday Park Carnarvon Gorge

Well…… when it came to the hiking at Carnarvon Gorge, we took sooo many photos....🤭 but it was such a great couple of days with so much to see! Below are just a handful of the photos we took.

Hiking at Carnarvon Gorge

It may just be obvious that we had a fantastic time here at Carnarvon Gorge, and loved our stay at the BIG4 Breeze Carnarvon Holiday Park.

We REALLY LOVED staying here!