When we first started looking for a fridge for our roadtrip back in early 2021 we had no idea which brand or model to buy.

We knew we would require both a fridge and a freezer so that meant we definitley needed a dual zone model. After reading lots of reviews and looking at various models at a number of camping stores, we decided to go with the XTM 75L dual zone fridge freezer from BCF.

It has definitely been put to the test on our roadtrip and we are happy to say that it has coped extremely well. It has been used every day for the last 18 months in all sorts of climatic conditions and has travelled with us over all sorts of outback bumpy rocky and corrigated roads all around Australia.

When we are off road for lenghty periods of time we set the larger zone to the freezer temperature so that we can carry more frozen meat and vegetables. When we are closer to civilisation we set the larger zone to the fridge setting as we are able to shop more regularly and store more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Interchangeable fridge freezer dual zone 

Something to consider when deciding if you want or need a dual zone fridge is that if you do plan to go off grid and pull up somewhere for any length of time, remember that a freezer will chew through more power, especially in a humid climate so it is important to ensure you have enough solar or backup battery power to keep up with the running of it.

Overall we cannot fault our XTM 75L dual zone Fridge Freezer. It has been very reliable and is still going strong!

The model in the link provided is the latest version of the same fridge freezer that we have. It is the XTM 75BT 75L dual zone Fridge Freezer - which comes with bluetooth capabilities.

XTM 75BT 75L Fridge Freezer and Cover Pack
XTM 75BT 75L Fridge Freezer and Cover Pack

XTM 75L dual zone Fridge Freezer

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