We love going hiking and exploring and with so many amazing National Parks and stunning destinations throughout Australia we are never short of choices on where to go.

Always carry plenty of water so you can rehydrate, especially on warmer days and in dry environments.

We always carry a life straw which allows us to drink water from a stream or any available water source if required. It is a great back up to our usual water bottles and is a vital piece of survival equipment to carry in your backpack on hikes.

It removes 🦠 🦠bacteria & parasites 99.99999 % including Giardia and Cryptosporidium etc, removes microplastics, lead and other heavy metals. It will filter 2,000 litres of water so is reusable.

We use a 640 ml soft bottle with our life straw. Other connections are available to use with the filter.

See more information about this and other great survival gear at:

Survival Storehouse Australia
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